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Tod Mun Kai (KT) size 10 sticks ทอดมันไก่ ก่วงตี้


ready to eat, just fry, grill or microwave.


Tod Mun Kai (KT) size 10 sticks, new arrivals, good selling, ready to eat, just fry, grill or microwave. Can be eaten immediately It has a thick built-in flavor, firm texture, soft and rich taste.
It has a delicious flavor in itself without additional cooking. Eat as a snack Or use it to cook vegetarian food There are a variety of menus such as Yum Tod Mun Gai, Jay Miang J, Spicy Stir-Fried Man Gai etc.
The texture, color, smell and taste are very inviting to eat.

Ingredients: No MSG added.

Soy protein 48%, tapioca flour 23%, vegetable oil 16%, spices 5%

Storage method: Freeze -18 ํ C

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