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Taiwanese bean curd, plum flavor, ready to eat เต้าหู้ยี้ไตหวันรสบ๊วย


Fragrant, delicious, Taiwanese style like no other. People who eat in Taiwan love it. Follow up in Thailand Incredibly delicious


Tofu is made from high quality soybeans and is rich in protein. Mineral salts, iron and potassium help to Bone growth, iron, nourish the blood and contain vitamin a, B1 B2, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin K and niacin.

Vegetarian dieters should eat tofu.
Tofu can be made in many menus such as fried rice, tofu, yentafo sauce, chili paste, vegetarian tofu. Vegetarian Tofu Yee Simmer Stir fried sunflower sprouts with tofu, etc.
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