Congee Sprouted red jasmine brown rice porridge Mixed seaweed (sachet)



Sprouted red jasmine brown rice porridge Mixed seaweed (sachet)

- Made from organic red jasmine brown rice with germ, rice grain membrane that is a source of vitamin B1, iron and natural dietary fiber. Through the ripening process And drying with modern machinery according to international standards

- Made from whole grain brown rice Do not mix powder, no MSG. Produced from red brown rice from organic Xander farm certified by international international standards, rich in B vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants.

- Special menu can be added for cooking such as egg, mushroom, vegetables, seasoning Tom Yum and other flavors as needed.

* Suitable for health care workers of all ages Who want to be in a hurry but want to eat foods that contain all natural nutrients Patients in the rehabilitation period who want to eat soft food, the elderly who can eat small meals. Eat porridge before going to bed. Helping you to be full And sleep well
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