Vegetarian BBQ Meat 1000g.หมูแดง มาเลย์


หมูแดง Vegetarian BBQ Meat รสชาติอร่อย สีสันชวนรับประทาน


Frozen Product Series Delivery Service Our frozen product series must have minimum purchase RM120 for both IPOH areas and out of states (all states of West Malaysia) - IPOH Area - self delivery (delivery schedule will be arrange after customer being notify) - Out of states - Using trusted courier service, parcel will schedule to ship out every Monday and Tuesday. - For frozen product purchase, kindly check out Others (West Malaysia) to make payment and complete your orders. - Frozen products or parcels are not applicable for Shopee system service provider such as J&T, Poslaju, DHL and Ninja. 冷冻产品系列送货服务 我们的冷冻产品系列最低购买RM120,只限怡保地区和其他州(全西马) - 怡保地区 - 自行送货 (安排好送货时间后,卖家会通知客户) - 其他州(全西马) - 使用可信赖的快递服务,冷冻包裹将会在每个星期一和星期二发货 - 对于所有冷冻产品的购买,请付款前选择 “其他(西马运输)” 付款并完成您的订单 - 冷冻产品或包裹不适用于Shopee系统服务提供商,例如J&T,Poslaju,DHL 和 Ninja Ingredients: Texture Soy Protein, Isolated Soy Protein, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Water, Flour, Vegetarian Seasoning, Permitted Food Conditioner And Permitted Food Colouring. Cooking & Ingredients Instruction: Honey BBQ Meat Ingredients: Mr Vege BBQ meat - 250g Seasoning: Vegetarian oyster sauce - 4 tbsp Soya sauce - 2 tbsp Sesame oil - 2 tbsp Black soya sauce - 1/2 tbsp Five spices powder - 1/2 tbsp Sugar - 4 tbsp Corn starch water - little 1) Scald fry Mr Vege BBQ meat, cut into slices, remove and garnish with cucumber and tomato. 2) Cook all the seasoning until boil and put on the BBQ meat. Ready to serve.
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