Donut Shrimp vegan, Made in Taiwan, 500g.

Tao Oil. ISO 9001:2008, GMP

FDA number 13 -4- 00248-6-0049

Cooking method: Fry with pan or fryer without oil.

no more

No 5 cans of pungent vegetables (onions, garlic, chives), spring onions, spring onions, spring onions, spring onions, etc.)


Bread crumbs 6.28%

Rain 4.47 %
Tapioca Starch 3.39 %
Sugar 1.36%
Active substance 1.35%
Salt 0.60%

Preserver: Store frozen -18 C* within 12 months of manufacture.
Store together with normal immersion 0-4 C* condition 1 month

1.Ruhuey insists on no added artificial coloring - Adopt only netural vegetable coloring such as celery for green, pumpkin for yellow, carrot for tangerine.
2. Ruhuey insists on no added meat subtance, allium flavoring or alcohol - Adopt non-genetic modified soybean fiber and natural spices for vegetarian diet.
3. Ruhuey insists on no added preservative - Taking care of consumer health, so the all product mad from Ruhuey are for all kinds of vegetarian diet.

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