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SHREDDED HERICIUM ERINACEUS หมูหยองไตหวัน รสเห็ดหัวลิง



素香鬆 猴頭菇 English name SHREDDED HERICIUM ERINACEUS (RU YI BR AND) Food directory number (FDA) 10-3-14962-5-0013 as of date June 4, 2020 Monkey Head Mushroom Yamabuchitake Mushroom, Thai name is Pui Fai Mushroom. It is a mushroom that is as high in protein as meat. and has a unique flavor The products have been seasoned to make them easier to eat and add delicious flavor. It can be eaten with porridge, rice, bread or to add flavor to many dishes. Shelf life 1 year, net weight 100 grams.

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