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Fried squid ring Vegan. Made in Taiwan, 300 g.



Fried squid, Taiwan Jay brand, Quanguang Foods

Made in Taiwan, 300 g.

FDA standard, ISO 9001: 2008, GMP

FDA No. 10 -3- 08962-5-0008

How to cook food: can be fried with pan or fryer without oil.

Does not contain cholesterol

No 5 pungent vegetables (onion, garlic, chives), scallions, scallions, scallions, scallions, etc.)


Water 79.07%

Modified starch / potato fiber 11.02%
Coagulation powder / Konjac powder 4.41%
Odor extracted from seaweed 1.82%

Odor 1.51%
Bread Powder / Complementary Ingredients 1.07%

Salt 1.00%

White / Black Pepper 0.46%


Store in freezer -18 C *, valid for 12 months after manufacture.
Store in normal freezer 0-4 C *, valid for 1 month

Note: The shop would like to inform customers before deciding to order. Delivery of kerry will be delivered no more than 1 - 2 business days.
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