Fried Scallops (VEGAN) size 300 g.นักเก็ตปลา


Fried Scallops VEGAN made in Taiwan,


Net Weight: 3kg/500g

Ingredients:Water, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, konjac powder, 
                    distarch phosphate, wheat starch, soybean oil, potato starch, sugar, salt, 
                    mirin, methylcellulose, wheat fiber, flavoring agent 
                   (L-sodium glutamate, amino acetic acid, DL-Alanine,
                    5'-inosine disodium phosphate, 5'-guanosine disodium phosphate, 
                    disodium succinate, maltodextrin, yeast extract, sucrose, D-xylose, 
                    sodium octenyl succinate starch, soybean hydrolyzed protein), flour, 
                    corn starch, bread flour, tapioca starch, vegetarian spices, 
                    sodium phosphate (anhydrous), titanium dioxide, calcium hydroxide, 
                    anhydrous sodium carbonate, silicon dioxide.
Net Weight:500g
Conditioning Method: Deep frying.(Defrost before cooking)
Storage:Frozen -18℃
Shelf Life: 24 months
Product of Taiwan
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