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Hakao (蝦餃), 30 pieces ฮะเก๋าเจทีที



Hakao (蝦餃), which is ha-gao, is a dumpling made from cassava or potato starch. When cooked, the batter becomes sticky and clear. can see the filling inside As for the filling, there are various kinds of vegetables and mushrooms.

For hargao, it is an important dish. Or you can call it the highlight of dim sum. Therefore, dim sum restaurants are trying to use carefully selected seafood ingredients to make hargao fillings.

Hargao is considered to be one of the three main dishes that are important to the Cantonese people. Including shumai, steamed buns and hargao

Making hargao is challenging and must be learned. By making hargao, it's not difficult to make stuffing. But it takes a lot of art to fold and pleat the thin dough sheet. Can be delicate and precise The hargao must be at least 7 pleats up to about 10 pleats in order to get a beautiful and appetizing hargao.

Adds flavor when eaten with jig choo dipping sauce. It's even more delicious.

key components

Vegetables (water chestnuts, corn, taro, carrots, white ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots) 40%

Agricultural Protein 12%

Seasoning 10%

Water 4.5%

Tapioca starch 1%

Corn Starch 1%

No preservatives, no coloring, high protein, low calories, can be eaten by the whole family.

There are two methods of cooking:

Steam in boiling water for 6 - 7 minutes.
Put in the microwave, use the power of 800 W., take 1 - 2 minutes.

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