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Flossy pork( black sesame) หมูหยองไต้หวัน รสงาดำ



Thai name: Flossy pork mixed with black sesame seeds (Luyi brand)/黑芝麻素香鬆 English name VEGETARIAN BLACK SESAME SEEDS FLOSS (RU YI BRAND) Food serial number (FDA) 10-3-14962-5-0024 as of December 16, 2020 Black sesame is a small grain. Fragrant and highly nutritious. Poppy seeds are packed with antioxidants that help build collagen. increase bone mass Eat only by tearing the envelope It can be eaten with boiled rice, hot steamed rice, or to add flavor to many dishes. This product is pure gel. Shelf life 1 year, net weight 100 grams.
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