Vegan Gyoza Meat Zero 187 g


12 big pieces. Served with 30 ml. gyoza sauce in the package.


Gyoza 187 g.
Soy Protein 58%
Crispy Flour 33%
Seasoning (contains onion powder, yeast extract, pepper powder) 7%
Soybean oil for frying 2%
It has a delicious taste, the texture, the taste, the consumer's taste. Contains a variety of vegetables
Deep-frying: Bring frozen products to deep-fry in oil. Use medium heat for 2.00-2.30 minutes until cooked and golden brown.
Oil-free fryer: Fry the frozen product water in the oil-free fryer at a temperature of 180 degrees for 5-7 minutes until cooked and golden brown.

Ingredients :

  • No MSG
  • soy protein 25%
  • cabbage 28%
  • soy protein 25%
  • wheat flour 23%
  • shitake mushroom 2%
  • psoy sauce 2%
  • carrot 2%
  • vermicelli 2%
  • pepper 1%
  • ginger 1%
  • sugar 1%
  • corn flour 1%

How to store/preserve: keep in a freezer at -18°C

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