Plant-based tender chicken MEAT ZERO170g.ไก่นุ่ม Zero


Plant-based tender chicken New! Plant-based tender chicken. Convenient and ready to eat or can be cooked in various menus. Perfect solutions for health-conscious person.


Meat Zero Plant-based tender chicken, made from 4 kinds of plants (wheat, soybean, ginger and white pepper) with Plant-Tec innovation that makes its texture looks similar to tender chicken breasts. Zero in cholesterol yet high in protein and iron, no preservatives added, no MSG added. Convenient and ready to eat. Or it can be used as ingredient to cook a variety of dishes. Delicious and good for your health. A great alternative for health-conscious to try.

Plant-based meat (Protein from Soy and Wheat) 87%
Seasonings (Contains White soy sauce, Yeast extract, Sugar, Ginger, Salt, White peppers) 13%
Natural Identical Flavoring

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