10-piece salted fish


ปลาเค็มเจ 10 ชิ้น ขนาด 500 กรัม สินค้าขายดี ราคาย่อมเยาว์ ราคาคุ้มค่า เพียง 130 บาท มี 10 ชิ้น ( 13 บาท / ชิ้น) ติดอันดับ สินค้าขายดีของร้าน อย่างสม่ำเสมอ


(Vegan salted fish (10 pieces 500 grams). One of our best-selling products. Reasonable price. 130 Baht per 1 package (13 Baht/piece)
Vegan salted fish has often been ranked as one of our best-selling products.
It can be used to make various meals i.e. fried rice with vegan salted fish, spicy Thai salad with salted fish, stir-fried Chinese broccoli and vegan salted fish.
Most people like it for having nice texture and flavor.
All our freezing products can be kept in a freezer up to 12 months after the manufacturing date. Manufacturing and expiry date and ingredient label is shown on the package. Our products are new and fresh directly delivered to us from the factory no older than 2 months.
Ingredient: no MSG, soy protein 62%, soybean flour 4%, wheat flour 1%, soybean oil 4%, iodine salt 2%, sugar 1%, wheat flour 1%, seaweed 1%)

All our frozen foods have labels showing ingredients, how to cook, and expery date. All our frozen foods can be kept in a freezer for 12 months after manufacturing date. And, all our frozen foods are directly delivered from factories no older than 2 months. Please contact us by Line https://lin.ee/jAoASbg for more information. 100% vegan foods with FDA.

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