Vegetarian Golden Slice 金丝片 หมูรังนกมาเลย์


One of our top 10 best selling products. Famous product among our customers who are vegan restaurants.


Vg Princess Golden Snack 素貴妃金絲片TS1 MEA GOL (88Ogx20)
Ingredients: Textured soybean protein, Soya bean, Palm oil & Vegetarian seasoning.
Storage: Keep Frozen -18°c

Golden snack with lily bulbs

220 veg. princess meat balls, 220g veg. princess golden snack, 1 box shimeji mushrooms(divide gently), 100g fresh lily bulbs, ½ carrot(sliced), 2 tsp chopped ginger.

1tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar

1. Deep-fry veg. balls and veg. princess golden snack until golden browned. Remove and drain.
2. Heat up some oil, fragrance the chopped ginger, add in Shimeji mushrooms and carrots, stir-fry for a while, add in other ingredients and seasoning, stir-fry briskly. Serve at once.

Vegan roasted pork with Korean sauce (700 grams) or vegan nest-shaped pork. One of our top 10 best selling products. Famous product among our customers who are vegan restaurants. Rich in flavor. Unique for soft and chewy texture. Most people like its flavor. One product for all dishes. You can make various dishes from this product, such as fried vegan roasted pork with Korean sauce, fried with coriander roots, serve as toppings for noodles in gravy sauce, fried rice, Chinese roll noodles, and green curry. When we travel to places where there is little vegan restaurant, we would bring this product with us. This product can be kept outside the fridge for 3-4 days

All our frozen foods have labels showing ingredients, how to cook, and expery date. All our frozen foods can be kept in a freezer for 12 months after manufacturing date. And, all our frozen foods are directly delivered from factories no older than 2 months. Please contact us by Line for more information. 100% vegan foods with FDA.

Spicy Fry Golden SnackglR&:@H Procedure: 1) Saute Veg. Princess Golden Snack until golden brown, dish up. Blanch wantan mee in boiling water until cooked & drain well. On a sieve, from wantan mee into a bird's nest shape and deep-fry in hot oil until golden brown & crispy. Dish onto a serving platter. 2) Leave I tbsp oil, sauce ginger and dried chilli until fragrant. Add in remaining ngredients, seasoning and stir-fry until well-mixed. Thicken with cornflour solutions. Dish onto fried wantan mee.

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