Grilled vegan chicken (1000 grams) Reasonable price. Worth the price. Strongly recommended. It comes with many big pieces in one package. Its flavor, taste, color, and scent is similar to the real chicken meat.

Ingredients: No MSG Wheat flour 80%, soy sauce 4%, salt 1%, pepper 1%, sugar, 4%, iodine salt 1%, sesame oil 1%, Chinese five-spices stew 3% How to store/preserve: keep in a freezer at -18°C

All our frozen foods have labels showing ingredients, how to cook, and expery date. All our frozen foods can be kept in a freezer for 12 months after manufacturing date. And, all our frozen foods are directly delivered from factories no older than 2 months. Please contact us by Line for more information. 100% vegan foods with FDA.

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