Salt-water canned vegan pork balls. Drain weight 2,000 grams Net weight 3,500 grams



canned vegan pork balls. How to cook: Open the can lid and clean the product in regular water. This product can be served as stir-fried dishes, spicy soup, suki, spicy salad, supplement in noodles. How to store: Unless opened, please keep in normal temperature room (not needed to be kept in a fridge). If opened, please rinse off salt water and put in a container and keep in a fridge (do not keep in a freezer). Reasonable price. Suitable for making meals in big portions, such for distribution at almhouse or selling. Ready-to-eat product. Worth the price. Must try. This product can be served as stir-fried dishes, fried snacks, or boiled meals


Ingredients: No MSG. No preservatives. Konjac 79.1%, salt water 20.9%, mushroom 2.5%, pepper 0.2% Borax free. No preservatives. High protein with low calorie. Family snack. How to store/preserve: keep in a freezer at -18°C

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