Quality products made from fresh tofu skins.
Consists of 1 character
1 whole bean curd fish
1 tofu skin duck
Big size, beautiful print, use good raw materials to make, 300 - 400 grams each.
suitable for worship Or cook a Chinese table menu, auspicious menu, on a special day.

Can be used to cook meat substitutes, delicious taste, good texture



Store in freezer -18 C*, shelf life 12 months after production.
Store in normal freezer 0-4 C*, shelf life 1 month.

Note: The shop would like to inform customers before making an order. Kerry delivery will be delivered no later than 1 - 2 business days.

Contact for more information at LINE ID: @jfoodmarket or 081 579 8988

Amen. Blessings to you for giving up eating meat.

1 whole bean curd chicken

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