Vegan Samosa TT, 24 pieces



Vegan Samosa TT, 24 pieces

How to fry products

Fry in hot oil at 170 -180 degrees Celsius for 4 - 5 minutes and eat immediately. cooked ready to eat Just put it in the microwave or warm it up and you can eat it right away.
Adds flavor when eaten with dipping sauce of fried vegetarian.

key components

Vegetables ( collard greens, bamboo shoots, carrots) 61 %

Spring rolls 23.5%

Seasoning 9%

Tapioca starch 2.5%

Water 4.5%

No preservatives, no coloring, high protein, low calories, can be eaten by the whole family.

All frozen food from the website has a label showing ingredients, cooking method and expiration date indicated on the bag. It can be stored in the freezer for 12 months after production. Our shop products are new and fresh. Order from factory under 2 months. Please message Line of the shop If you want to ask for more products To check the number of 100% vegetarian food products that pass FDA standards


Store in freezer -18 C*, shelf life 12 months after production.
Store in normal freezer 0-4 C*, shelf life 1 month.

Note: The shop would like to inform customers before making an order. Kerry delivery will be delivered no later than 1 - 2 business days.

Contact for more information at LINE ID: @jfoodmarket or 081 579 8988
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