Vegan Whole wheat buns stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, 12 pcs


Taste it and you will like it. addicted to the taste The mellow focus on vegetables, including cabbage, angel mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, potatoes, radishes, carrots, more than 8 types are important. made out soft Dim Sum standard 5 star hotels because this brand has many dim sum products delivered to 5 star hotels in Silom, Sathorn, Sukhumvit areas, so you can rest assured about product standards, cleanliness and the use of good ingredients. Delicious, would like to invite you to try it. Vegetarians should have it in the refrigerator. Whenever you want to eat, steam it for 6-7 minutes or put it in the microwave, ready to eat. key components Steamed buns 47 % Wheat protein 2% whole wheat 3% Seasoning 6% Vegetables (cauliflower, angel mushroom, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, potato, radish, carrot) 6% Water 2% Tapioca starch 1% Modified Starch 1% No preservatives, no coloring, high protein, low calories, can be eaten by the whole family. on the label is printed Ingredients "may contain" shrimp, fish, crab, shellfish. Because it is a regulation of the FDA that the case is produced from the same factory that produces other products. (that may also contain meat) Required Because T-Time brand originally didn't have any vegetarian products. This year, the first year that the production of J. but the production process is clean Meat-free, of course, FDA standards, many vegetarian brands that are hired to produce or add a group of vegetarian products if they are made from the same ware house that the label must specify like this All frozen food from the website has a label showing ingredients, cooking method and expiration date indicated on the bag. It can be stored in the freezer for 12 months after production. Our shop products are new and fresh. Order from factory under 2 months. Please message Line of the shop If you want to ask for more products To check the number of 100% vegetarian food products that have passed FDA standards. Storage: Store in freezer -18 C*, shelf life 12 months after production. Store in normal freezer 0-4 C*, shelf life 1 month. Note: The shop would like to inform customers before making an order. Kerry delivery will be delivered no later than 1 - 2 business days. Contact for more information at LINE ID: @jfoodmarket or 081 579 8988


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