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Vegan Hot dog 1000 g. (Brand KT)



Hot dog, long pork, vegetarian, size 1000 grams, about 24 pieces, large
Recommended new products by Luang Por (priest) who received me from someone to offer So asked for the shop to order and sell. Reasonable price, 8 baht per piece, more than worth it. Order quickly. Must try.

It is in the category of warm, ready-to-eat products. It has a delicious taste, texture, and taste that is pleasing to the consumer's mouth.

component :
Soy protein 75%, soybean oil 5%

Red curry paste 5%, lemongrass 3%

Soy Sauce 2% Pepper 3%

Sugar 2% Soy Flour 2%

Iodized Salt 1% Kaffir Lime 1% Wheat Flour 1%

Storage method : Freeze -18 °C

Borax free No preservatives, high protein, low calories, can be eaten by the whole family.
Ingredients: No MSG and preservatives added.
70% soy protein
Spice 10%
10% vegetable oil
other 10%

Storage method : Freeze -18 °C

All frozen food from the website has a label showing ingredients, cooking method and expiration date on the bag. It can be stored in the freezer for 12 months after production. Our shop products are new and fresh. Order from the factory for no more than 2 months.

Please message Line of the shop In case of wanting to inquire more about the product to check the number of products

100% vegetarian food, passed FDA standards
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