Vegan fish tofu (500 grams). One of our best-selling products. Taste so good that our customers buy it again and again. Reasonable price.
It can be used to make various a la carte meals i.e. rice topped with stir-fried vegan fish tofu and basil, stir-fried vegan fish tofu and curry paste, stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, fried noodles in gravy sauce, crispy noodles in thick gravy.
It is suitable for making soup meal, such as fish maw soup, and etc.
Cut in small square pieces to make gyoza filling, and sushi, and etc.
Most people like it for having nice texture and flavor.

Ingredients: No MSG, soy protein 78%, vegetable oil 10%, spices 10%, pepper 2%


All our frozen foods have labels showing ingredients, how to cook, and expery date. All our frozen foods can be kept in a freezer for 12 months after manufacturing date. And, all our frozen foods are directly delivered from factories no older than 2 months. Please contact us by Line for more information. 100% vegan foods with FDA.

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